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Noel Macwan is startup founder of Navidad Infotech Pvt Ltd. The startup delivers Services and Products kindred with technology, offers Web Development, App Development, Digital Marketing, 3D Printing, 3D Prints E-Commerce Store & Home Automation Solutions in India.

He earned his bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Engineering at Parul University, during his academics he contributed to developer community as a chapter lead of Developer Student Club program by Google Developers and Microsoft Student Partner. He developed open-source, after-market ROMs based on Android, Tesla OS and Glaze OS, prior he was contributing to MoKee OpenSource Project and Maru OS as Device Maintainer for Sony and He has compiled customized Linux kernels (Android) for Sony devices. He follows his random ideas to create solutions. In his free time he read about astronomy and science, he likes improving his skills by adding astrophotography to his arsenal.

New Product!

Holostick - The Ultimate Light Painting tool for Photography.


Following mentioned organizations includes open-source and incorporated firms.

Navidad Infotech Pvt. Ltd. — Founder and Director

Navidad Infotech Pvt. Ltd delivers Services and Products kindred with technology.We here are focusing on building the best to empower great entrepreneurs and companies to flourish.

Microsoft — Microsoft Student Partner

AUG 2017 - AUG 2019
MSP is a worldwide recognizable program to sponsor students majoring in disciplines related to technology. It enhances students' employability by offering training in skills not usually taught in academia, including knowledge of Microsoft technologies.

Google Developers — Lead - Developer Student Clubs

AUG 2017 - DEC 2018
DSC is a Google Developers program for university students, designed to help them build their mobile & web development skills & knowledge. It is intended to be a space for students to learn & collaborate as they solve mobile & web development problems.

Paginaweb — Founder and Developer

Paginaweb providing you with comprehensive business strategies, building a bridge between you & your customers. Paginaweb is a team of passionate developers, designers and artists working in print and digital. We collaborate with clients to establish bold, effective identities and IT solutions.

Tesla OS/ Glaze OS — Founder and Lead developer

Tesla OS/ Glaze OS is a free, open-source, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android, which is designed to increase performance & reliability.

Maru OS — Senior Device Maintainer, Sony Mobile

Maru is a free, open-source, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android, which packs a complete desktop experience on your smartphone. Your phone runs independently of your desktop so you can take a call & work on your big screen at the same time.

MoKee Open Source Project — Device Maintainer, Sony Mobile

APR 2014 - APR 2015
MoKee Open Source Project is a free, open-source, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android, which is designed to increase performance & reliability

Following mentioned experience includes in-house, open-source and client’s project.


6 years experience on Android Development, from app modification , creating apps, ROM(firmware) Compilation and Modification, Linux Kernel compilation.

Web Development

6 years experience on HTML, JS, SQL and PHP.

Git version control

6 years experience on Github, Gerrit code review and Jenkins.


3 years experience on Arduino and NXP boards.

Linux Administration

5 years experience on using Ubuntu.


5 years experience of UI/UX on Android App and Web application .

Graphic design & modification.

2 years experience on Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom.

3D Printing

2 years experience on 3D Printing technology; building & modification of 3D Printer, Slicing Softwares.


M.Tech - Software Engineering.
DEC 2020 - DEC 2022
BITS Pilani

Professional Certification

Entrepreneurship Essentials
SEPT 2020
Harvard Business School Online


B.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering.
JULY 2015 - MAY 2019
Parul University, Waghodia, Gujarat, India

Higher Secondary School

I B Patel English Medium School, Vallabh Vidhyanagar
2013 - 2014
10+2 High school of Science Stream

Primary to Secondary School

Kendriya Vidyalaya, Vallabh Vidhyanagar
2002 - 2012
UKG - Grade 10th.
Google Digital Sales
Google Mobile sites
Google Admob Mobile
Google Analytics
Microsoft Virtual Academy : Cloud
Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
Google IT Support - Professional Certificate
Google Project Management - Professional Certificate
Navidad Infotech

My startup delivers Services and Products kindred with technology in India.

Apps & Personalizations

Look at usual things with unusual eyes

Personalize your Xperia™ Smartphone with sparking themes available on Google Play!

xperia mockup
xperia mockup

Developer Community Groups


Events Organized



Developer Student Clubs - Google Developers

Events organized during 2017-18 as Club Lead, DSC

Sessions and Hands-on workshop on Basics and Intermediate level


Session and demo on AndroidThings NXP Pico Boards


Hands-on workshop on DialogFlow platform

Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform

Hands-on workshop on Google Cloud Platform


Session on Machine Learning and hands-on workshop on TensorFlow

Microsoft Student Partners - Microsoft

Events organized during 2017-19 as MSP

Session on Azure and Hands-on workshop on AzureML


An Introduction on ImagineCup and workshop on AzureML

Git version control
Git version control

Hands-on workshop on GitHub & Github Pages

Maru OS for Xperia

Use your Xperia™ Smartphone as PC.

Unleash your mobile device with Maru, a context-aware, lightweight, open operating system that unites mobile and desktop computing.
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